Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Apps/Websites to Waste Time With

A weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

I love procrastinating. It's one of my five favorite things. So any website or app that helps me do that I am totally game for. Oh and before I give you my list, I'm off to BEA in a few hours... YAY! I was originally considering going on a haitus but I actually have posts that are scheduled for this week. So business as usual over here. But I did want to let everyone know because I won't really be able to comment in the way I normally do. But when I get back I'll respond and check out all your amazing posts. And if you want to follow along with my adventures you can check me out on some of these sites that I mention.

Social Media:
1.) Twitter
Username: @mythoughtslit
This is the ultimate time waster if you ask me. I spend hours upon hours on Twitter. I'm pretty much on there all day. I'm periodically looking through it while at work and then every half hour or so at night. I love chatting with you all on Twitter and seeing all your thoughts.

2.) Instagram
Username: mythoughtslit
I am not a huge Bookstagrammer but wow do I admire some of your picture taking skills. I love scrolling through my feed and seeing all the pretty pictures of books. And I also have fun coming up with my daily photos which usually involve my cat and coffee along with books.

3.) Snapchat
Username: mythoughtslit
I'm super new to Snapchat but I'm enjoying it for sure. It's fun to take pictures and add fun little things to it like text, emoji, and filters. I'll probably be snapchatting my BEA so follow me there to see what I'm up to. And also let me know your username so I can follow you!

4.) Facebook
I'm not on Facebook a lot these days but I am our social media person for work, naturally, so I use it more often for that. But every time I go there to update our page I fall down the rabbit hole. It's overly political these days though.

5.) Best Fiends
I just found this game and it's super fun. It's like Candy Crush but with more puzzles. It's super addicting and I am often determined to win the levels which take me forever to finish. Like the one I am on now, arg!

6.) Neko Atsume
How can something so simple be so fun and addicting. Remember in the winter when everyone was all obsessed with that game with the cats. I was one of them. I love cats and they were super cute and this was like a really easy Tamogochi.

7.) Flow
This is the most unassuming game but I love it so much. It's like a puzzle game where you have to fill up the screen by connecting dots. It's similar to tetris but with lines and it's super addicting. For one thing I'm pretty sure that these puzzles are how my brain works

Video and TV 
8.) YouTube
My favorite game to play is "six degrees of YouTube." Pick two songs or YouTubers and then try to get from one to the other by only clicking on the suggested videos. But seriously, I can spend hours watching video after video. Especially Game of Thrones theories and show reviews.

9.) Netflix
Obviously. I mean who doesn't love a weekend binge watch. Me, if I'm being entirely honest. I can't binge stuff like I used to. But I do still love my Netflix. Their originals are fantastic and finding old shows that I never watched or rewatching stuff on there is amazing.

10.) Hulu
I don't watch TV in real time. Aint nobody got time for that. I'm often to busy reading. But that's why I love Hulu. I can watch the shows I love on my own time. I've had Hulu+ for years and I cannot recommend it enough. Plus now they have premium subscriptions. I'm a fan.

What are your favorite apps and websites to waste time on? Leave me a comment with your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY READING!


  1. YES to all of these!!! Except the games, I don't play games very much anymore. :)

  2. Flow looks awesome! I will definitely have to look at that one. I was hooked to Candy Crush for a while but many of my friends do not play those types of games so I got annoyed after a few months of basically waiting around!

    I didn't even think of Netflix! My husband and I watch on our Xbox so since it's something not on the comp, I didn't think to include it! Love my Netflix and Chill time!

    My Top Ten

    Have a lovely day!

  3. OMG yes! I spend so much time on social media. I have different games though, strategy games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Alhambra. No less addicting lol! And Netflix and Hulu are life!

  4. The Twitter app is very addicting -- and so convenient! I have to agree with you on Netflix bingeing too, Making a Murderer totally sucked me in.

  5. Twitter. I'm addicted - not sure if that's a good or bad thing. ;) Instagram is really fun too.

  6. YES! I waste way too much time with twitter and insta

    my TTT

  7. Neko Atsume owns my life in phone games.

  8. Yes, this is a great list. I ended up not doing a TTT post for this topic because I couldn't think of anything. I do waste a lot of time on Twitter and Instagram. I don't have snapchat. I still don't really understand it. And you made an excellent point by sharing video and tv ones. I do tend to get sucked into the youtube hole and spend a lot of time on there. As well as, Netflix and Hulu.
    Great TTT post!