Thursday, May 3, 2018

April Wrap Up and May TBR

Read in April: Contemporary

Remember how last month went well and I thought things are looking up. Well, I had a massive backslide and had a terrible reading month in April. I read a total of 8 books, and if I'm being entirely honest it really should be seven because I didn't finish the 8th one until yesterday. But it was a book I planned to read this month and so I am counting it. I NEED THIS!

For challenges, this year I'm sort of only low key doing challenges. I set a Goodreads goal of reading 120 books in a year. I am a little behind on this one with 38 books total for the year. I definitely need to start picking up steam. Maybe a few more audiobook rereads will be helpful. For the rest of the challenges I only low key set them. I want to read 20 debuts this year. I read one this month so I'm at 6 total for the year which is kind of behind but not too badly. I want to read 36 books from Netgalley and Edelweiss and I read 2 this month which brings my total up to 8 for the year. I haven't really been reading e-books lately so I am still behind on this one but we'll see. I also want to read 20 backlist books. This month I read one which brings my total to 7 for the year so I'm doing okay on that.

The Books
1.) In Her Skin by Kim Savage Rating: 8.5 out of 10 [My Review]
2.) Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young Rating: 9.5 out of 10 [My Review]
3.) Bad Moonlight by R.L. Stine  Rating: 8 out of 10
4.)  Defy the Worlds by Claudia Grey Rating: 9 out of 10 [My Review]
5.) Not if I Save You First by Ally Carter Rating: 9 out of 10 [My Review]
6.) This Darkness Mine by Mindy McGinnis  Rating: 8 out of 10 [My Review]
7.) Circe by Madeline Miller Rating: 8.5 out of 10 [My Review]
8.)Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli 
Rating: 9 out of 10 stars [Review to Come]

To Be Read in May: ??? 

My goal was to read ten books in May. I read a dozen in March and eight in April so let's meet in the middle. This way I can get back on track for my goal of reading 120 books in 2018. Plus not that I am starting my new job I won't have a commute which presumably means more time to read and blog. At least that is what I am hoping.

Books for Review

Furyborn by Claire LeGrande  - Add to Goodreads
I am super excited to read this book. I loved Winterspell and I really want to read more of Claire's books so I was pumped to get an e-ARC. I'm probably going to try and read this sooner rather than later.

Pacifica by Kristen Simmons - Add to Goodreads
Maybe this will be the month that I finally read a Kristen Simmons book. Not only have a been putting off this one but I also put off Metaltown for a very long time.

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian  - Add to Goodreads
I wanted to read this last month but I couldn't get into it. But I do still want to read, I just think I should pick up the audiobook. If I like the narrator I think this will be a better audiobook.

New Releases


People Like Us by Dana Mele - Add to Goodreads
I wanted to read this last month but I did not get the chance. But I placed a hold on the audiobook at the library here now that I have a library card and so I am planning to finally read it.

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi Add to Goodreads
I have been wanting to read this but I was hoping for the hype to die down. But I think I need a great book in my life and so I think I should finally read this one.

Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson Add to Goodreads
I have read Lily's two previous books and really enjoyed them so I am excited to read her next book. But even if I wasn't excited about the author I would still be pumped about this book.

Puddin by Julie Murphy - Add to Goodreads
I loved Dumplin so a companion novel is absolutely a book I want to read. This comes out next week and I will probably buy it as an early birthday present to myself.

L1FEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff - Add to Goodreads
I've loved every Jay Kristoff book I have read so far. This one sounds like a really fantastic science fiction book and I know Jay will write an amazing one.

Backlist Books

The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne - Add to Goodreads
I once again put off reading this book but now that I am working for a more political non-profit again, I am much more motivated to read it. Maybe I'll even bring it with me when I go to DC this month.

Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy Add to Goodreads
After finishing Leah on the Offbeat it made me want to read more books with bisexual protagonists. I bought a copy of this recently because the e-book was on sale and I think I should read it finally.

Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Katherine Ormsbee Add to Goodreads
Reading Leah on the Offbeat also made me want to read more books with asexual protagonists. I have been wanting to read this one for a long time.

There you have it. Some of the books I hope to read in May. As always, these are subject to change. I may read all of these or I may only read a few and then read a bunch of different ones. But honestly I think this list I can stick to. Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY READING!


  1. I also had a terrible reading month in April. I only read 2 books. I’m behind on my Goodreads goal, too. I hope you have a good May and get lots of reading done!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. You seem to have read a lot of great books in April and with amazing ratings! :D

  3. Well you definitely read more than I did, however I did alot of other things. You read some very popular books though!! I hope May is better for ya!!