Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday: Daughter of Chaos

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Title: Daughter of Chaos
Author: Jen McConnel
Publication Date: March 25th
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Synopsis: There comes a time in every witch's life when she must choose her path. Darlena's friends have already chosen, so why is it so hard for her to make up her mind? Now, Darlena is out of time. Under pressure from Hecate, the Queen of all witches, Darlena makes a rash decision to choose Red magic, a path no witch in her right mind would dare take. As a Red witch, she will be responsible for chaos and mayhem, drawing her deep into darkness. Will the power of Red magic prove too much for Darlena, or will she learn to control it before it's too late?

 Why I'm Waiting 

I don't often pre-order books. I usually wait until they come out and get them from the library. For Daughter of Chaos, however, I made an exception.

This book was completely off my radar until I joined the YA Vals Formal twitter chat. My first question for the amazing authors who joined the chat was for them to describe their book's romance. I wanted to see if it was a fluffy or tortured kind of story. Jen McConnell's answer seriously intrigued me. I love a good complicated romance, Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books after all. When I heard how her main character is still in love with her ex I was hooked.

Plus it's a book about magic. I love fantasy and stories about magic. By the sounds of it this is not your average fantasy story about a hero or heroine who saves the day with magic. This is a book about red magic, chaos magic. Not even magic is black or white in this world. I'm really interested to see how this magical system operates. I'm always looking for something unique that is not just doing spells or controlling the elements.

And by the description the main character will have to fight an internal battle of good versus evil. This book is right up my alley. I love stories where characters walk that fine line between right and wrong. I love characters who gravitate towards the dark side but aren't stereotypically evil.

I can't wait for March 25th to arrive so I can start this intriguing new fantasy series! I heard rumors that Amazon may be releasing the books sooner if you pre-ordered and I can't wait!

What are you waiting for this Wednesday?

Are you excited about Daughter of Chaos? What are you waiting for? Leave me a comment and of course... HAPPY READING!


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