Friday, January 30, 2015

Discussion Post: My Book Buying Ban(ish goal)

I'm not sure if you knew this, but I love books. Like a lot! Like even if I'm saving money to do things like move and buy a new car I really can't help but buy books. I also really love sales. And coupons. (I mean I'm not like extreme couponing level but still). So if I get a coupon or see a book sale, even if I don't want anything in particular I will buy something, or too many things.

It's gotten out of control! If you follow me on Instagram you've seen the photo of my YA shelf buckling under the weight of the books. Did I mention that I can't even fit all the books I want on that shelf? It's overflowing onto other shelves now. Plus there's the two large boxes of books that "don't fit on my shelves" and a few other shelves are starting to get double stacked. I don't even want to think about counting how many books on my shelves I haven't read!

So after two Book Outlet hauls where I didn't even get books I really wanted I decided that something needs to change. That's why starting on January 1st I put myself on a pretty specific "book-buying ban." I thought I would share with you all my goals for my "book buying ban."

1.) Don't Buy Books You've Already Read 
This sounds silly but it has actually proved the most difficult. There are a handful of books that I have read either from audiobooks, borrowed from the library, or even have e-ARCs but bot finished copies. I also have series that I've completed where I don't own one book and feel sad about the incomplete set. I really want physical copies of the book but I feel like my book budget could be spent a little more wisely. So I'm trying really hard to only buy books that I haven't read but also...

2.) Only Buy Books You Know You're Going to Read 
You guys probably know that I do themed months here on the blog. Therefore I plan out what I'm going to read in advance. It wouldn't be all that hard to only buy I know I'm going to read. Plus this will cut down on needlessly buying books and then not reading them. It will really cut my TBR pile down, which is the goal, because I won't be adding new books to that stack. Plus if I slowly buy the books if I feel the urge to go into a bookstore I'll be able to satiate that desire buy grabbing the next book in my TBR.

3.) Stick With the Pre-Orders 
I don't pre-order a lot of books. But have you seen all the spring releases and debuts coming out this year? Some great books are coming out in the next couple months and I want to read so many of them! I want to read them so much that I have already pre-order a handful of them. This only getting pre-orders will me prioritize the books I really want to read. If I have the urge to pre-order it then it is one of the top books in my TBR and I will definitely read it. Not to mention you can often get some deals if you're pre-ordering. Half off Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver, yes please!

But with books. (and also cats)
4.) Stay off Book Outlet and Don't Use Coupons Just Because You Can 
Those jerks at Book Outlet are the absolute worst (by that I mean best) at convincing me to buy books I don't really need. They're constantly sending me emails telling me about the new books they have, and coupons, and blah blah blah! The books are so cheap that I convince myself I'd be losing money not to buy a completed series I had no intention of reading beforehand. I just need to avoid them unless they have books that I know I'm going to read, and then I'm not breaking the ban I'm just getting good deals.

5.) First Read the Books You Already Have
Easier said than don, amiright? But seriously, I need to prioritize the books I already own. I used to be so good at this. I loved buying books but I would still read the ones I had. Then I started blogging and being a part of this community and I learned about all the amazing new books coming out. I want all the cool new books and my sad old books began collecting dust. I think once I read the books on my shelf and in my Kindle I will feel better about buying books. I have tons of unread ARCs from BEA and backlist books sitting on my shelf to read. They deserve my attention as well. I'm taking part in the TBR Pile Challenge and taking it a step further and only reading books I already own so that should help even more!

But I'm not just telling you this for no reason or just because I want to explain myself. I need your help. If you follow me on Twitter you know I broke my ban a few days ago and I don't want to do it again. I've heard it said that the best way to keep your goals is to make them public. So here I am telling you my plan. But it's more than the pressure of disappointing you all. This is seriously hard. And I know if it's hard I shouldn't do it, but I was being so good and I don't want to let one mistake cause me to backslide. I think this is totally doable for this year and then it will be a real behavioral change.

But I need your help. So tell me, who is going to be my sponsor? I need somebody to yell at me when I'm buying books I don't need! Leave me a comment with your thoughts on book buying ban, especially if you will help keep me from buying not breaking my ban!


  1. Such good tips! I admire your willpower. I read Vanishing Girls.The pacing was a little slow but the ending was amazing!!

    1. I'm glad you liked Vanishing Girls. The way you explain it is how I felt about Rooms. I found the pacing slow but steady and then the end was awesome.

  2. I'm a little scared about all the new releases I want to read this year! I'm so tempted to preorder, which is completely unlike me. I'm usually perfectly fine with waiting a few months, or even a year, until the prices drop a little or they go on sale... but this year? No chance!! I have so many I really want to read, and quite a few will be series continuation/completions... so I'll want to own the physical book, as I already have the others in the series. I tried a book buying ban last year - it was only for a month - but it was one of the hardest thing I've ever done! I think, because I knew I couldn't buy a book, it made me want to buy one even more! I'm total opposite girl - I should have said, 'Yes, Alma, buy ALL the books!", then I'd probably have had less stress, LOL. Best of luck with it, Cassi, it's incredibly hard, but you WILL be able to do it!

    1. Yeah, it's unlike me to preorder as well. Last year I preordered one book. So far this year? Five! I'm doing pretty good on my book buying ban. I think it's because I'm letting myself get preorders but also these tips are really helping. When I want to buy a book I make sure it meets the criteria and if it does I get it. But like I said, I broke it last week so I guess it's not that easy!

  3. I'm on a book buying ban myself, but that's because I have no money. =/

    Good luck on your goals! Post your goals in a conspicuous place, that way you will always be reminded. :)

    1. Thanks! I mean I also have no money. Well I have money but I need to start saving it for other things.

  4. I never ban myself completely, but I try to practice these tips as well. The older I got, the more I really try to keep my priorities straight when it comes to book buying. I still love it, and can not NOT buy books, but everything in moderation is always a great idea.

    1. Yeah, I think that's why this one is sticking because it's not a total ban. It's just a way to make sure I'm buying books a little bit more selectively and that I'm prioritizing the ones that I know I'm going to read. It satisfies my desire to buy books but I don't overwhelm my TBR and wallet!