Thursday, May 22, 2014

Obligatory BEA Getting to Know You Post!

I apologize in advance to all my followers unable to attend BEA. I know it can be frustrating that it's all BEA all the time these days. I get overwhelmed with it and I am going! But Book Expo America, better known as BEA is fast approaching and I know a lot people, like me are really excited to go and learn about the exciting books coming our this fall, meet some amazing authors and get signed books, and meet fellow bloggers and book enthusiasts! But this is the second largest book conference in the world, there will be thousands of people there. How will we recognize one another? How will you know it's me when I say hi and that I love your blog? Don't worry, I got you covered.

I've seen a few fellow bloggers (Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner, Brittany at The Book Addicts Guide, and the ladies at Read.Sleep.Repeat) doing this and I think it's an amazing idea so here's a little info about me so we can meet at BEA. 

If you see me in line or across the room come say hi or if this face comes up to you and awkwardly asks if you're you from your blog you'll recognize me! 

Important Things to Know About Me 

 - I'm six foot two but I rarely stand up straight. My height does come in handy at events like this because I can see over the crowd but I also have a tendency to walk into people because I'm looking at my eye level. Sorry if I bump into you!

- I have long brown hair which is way too long right now. You will probably never see it down. If you do it's because I'm annoyed with it. Most of the time it will be in a ponytail, bun, or sidebraid ala Katniss.

 - I read most often on the Kindle app on my iPhone so if you see me staring at my phone that's why. Or I'm on Twitter. Either way you should interrupt me and ask me what I'm reading. Then we can talk books and other fun stuff!

 - I'm not a morning person at all! I will probably be pretty groggy for the first few hours and then be highly caffeinated until after lunch. You may be able to find me at the coffee cart or drinking out of my slate gray Starbucks travel mug.

 - I will be on vacation all week. I'm spending Memorial Day weekend visiting friends in Rhode Island and the two days leading up to BEA I will be going to the beach! Therefore I may look a little bit like a lobster, it's cool I'm bringing aloe vera.

 - I'm staying with my brother in Woodlawn in the Bronx. It's over an hour commute which means lots of reading but I probably won't hang out a lot afterwards. I am planning to go to the Bloggers picnic though. 

- As previously stated on my Twitter I have been told I suffer from "Bitchy Resting Face." If you see this face I'm not mad or sad, that's just my face. You should still say hi and if you talk about cats I'm sure it'll get me to smile!

- I'm attending the Book Blogger Con on Wednesday. I'm going alone but I hear it's better with a buddy. I'm cool with being a lone wolf but I would love to meet people at the Blogger Con and maybe find someone to hang with for the week. If you're flying solo and want to become buddies let me know!

- I sneeze a lot if I'm in air conditioning too long. So if I stop mid conversation and turn away, I'm probably going to sneeze.

- I'm really excited to meet everyone and talk about books. If you are interested in gushing with me I suggest mentioning A Song of Ice and Fire (books and TV show), Harry Potter, Rainbow Rowell, or any of the books in my Goodreads shelf! I also just finished The Falconer which, holy cliffhanger, I would love to talk about! Or cats. I'll even show you pictures of my cat if you ask!

I can't wait to see you all and meet you in less than a week! I'm slightly nervous, but it's the good kind of nervous.

 Are you going to BEA? Leave me a comment so I know who to say hi to.


  1. I hope to meet you!! :) I will be at the blogger picnic too!

  2. I'm tall too! For a Hobbit. I'm 5'1". Okay, I'm short... I suffer from resting startled deer face. True story. When people sneeze I say "Sneezles" and I LOVE talking about cats. I am obsessed! Also with Harry Potter. One of my cats is named Severus. I can't wait for BEA and I definitely hope to see you there and at Blogger Con! I'll be the one with the hedgepig. His name is Quillbert.