Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Bookish Confessions

A weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

So this week's prompt is our top ten "blogging confessions." But what is a blogging confession? Jamie from The Broke and Bookish and The Perpetual Page-Turner fame gave an example of her bookish confessions and it made me want to do a similar post. I realized there are a lot of things about reading or book ownership that I'm pretty embarrassed to tell people. So here's my list, but before I tell you these, you have to promise you won't shun me! Promise? Okay, good!

1.) I write in books!
I know it's a cardinal sin! You ruin the pristine nature of a book by writing it. But it's tradition in my family that when you receive a book as a gift you write a little note in it. It was never that big a deal to me to underline quotes I liked or highlight. Lately I've taken to using a post-it not as a bookmark so I can make notes without marking the book.

2.) I like spoilers!
I get waaaay to anxious sometimes and would rather know what happens so I can focus on how something happens rather than what happens. I have been known to actively seek out spoilers because I need to find out that badly! For more info about this check out my video about why I like spoilers HERE!

3.) I skip ahead and sometimes read the ending of a book first!
This goes with the fact that I like spoilers but sometimes I just can't wait till the end. The first thing I did when I got my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is read the last chapter! I had to know how it ended. Check out my BookTube video for more examples of books I have read ahead.

4.) I prefer watching the movie first.
Rebecca from The Library Canary made me think of this one in her post on the subject. I usually get annoyed with book to movie adaptations because they change too much. If I see the movie first I get less annoyed. Plus they elaborate more in the books so I like watching the moviefirst to get the basic information and then read the book.

5.) I've actually stopped reading a book, watched the movie and then claimed I read the book.
I have been known to go back to the book after watching the movie but sometimes I just think, nope I
m good. I did not enjoy the book version of Jane Eyre but I really wanted to watch the movie, why? Two words... Michael Fassbender! To this day I tell people I read Jane Eyre and hated it!

6.) I'm a terrible library patron.
I have ruined library books and returned then with rips, water damage, and stains. I also always have fines because I return things really late. I once claimed a book was lost because the fine was so high and kept to book. Every time I see that book I think about that episode of Seinfeld.

7.) I eat while reading.
Everyone whines about crumbs in the spine but I've done way worse. I've spilled water, coffee, spaghetti sauce and all kinds if nonsense on my books. I just can't put them down for something so silly as eating! My friend's Mom (a librarian) banned me from borrowing books from her because I've done this too many times.

8.) I HATE dust covers!
I prefer paperbacks because I really dislike dust jackets. I immediately take them off when I read the book and then they get lost, or ripped, or spilled on. I'm not a huge fan of hardcovers but I just wish they were more artistic so we didn't need dust jackets.

9.) I don't treat my books with care!
If this list is any indication I think you've realized that I am usually not careful or gentle with my books.I have stopped carrying physical copies of books around with me because they always end up getting ripped, soaking wet, and with coffee spilled on them.

10.) My favorite place to read is actually my bathtub.
That doesn't sound so bad but I mean fully clothed, no water, just me laying in a dry bathtub with my book for company. It's pretty weird but it's really comfortable and it has the best natural lighting in my apartment!

What about you? Tell me your bookish confessions and I promise I won't judge. Leave me a comment and don't forget to check out my BookTube video where I elaborate on why I like spoilers and give some specific examples! More embarrassing confessions in the video!


  1. Nice list! I had trouble coming up with things to put. You and your books go on a journey together- I loved reading your list!

  2. Great list. I eat and read, too. I am a rough reader and ruin a lot of books because I'm not careful!
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  3. Oh, I love that you read in the dry bathtub! That's the one place I would never read in my apartment, as it has no window. And I hear you about being a terrible library patron - I run up fines ALL THE TIME because I think 'oh, I'll finish that!' Great list!

  4. Love your list, Cassi! I also take off my dust covers when I read HB books, and they tend to not stay in the nice condition they were in. But I do like HB books. I also eat/drink while reading, but I tend to do it while reading my Kindle, I find it easier to hold it with one hand, while eating with the other. I have been pretty fortunate, instead of spilling on my book or Kindle, I usually just spill the food on myself.
    Great post!

  5. +JMJ+

    Your family's tradition is interesting! =) Usually it's the giver who must write a note in the book, right? I've had people whom I've given books to bring them back to me so I could add a personal dedication! What kind of notes do you write in the books you receive?

  6. Hahaha, your bathtub reading spot sans water made me laugh. I am totally in agreement on dust jackets. I love the simple hardbacks of most books. Many times I just end up throwing away the dust jacket, since I prefer the simple hardback to the flashy outside of books. I have a similar position when it comes to people, but that's another discussion. :)

  7. I tend to eat and read too! Usually just on my lunch break but I try to eat one handed and read one handed! It works! Plus I use napkins!

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    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  8. HAHA! Your post made me laugh out loud! =) I love your complete honesty. I go back and forth about writing in books. I wrote in them in high school and college, but now I don't. But If I don't underline the quotes I love, I won't remember where they are! lol

    Jennifer @ A Librarian's Library--My Bloggish Confessions!

  9. LOL - This is the best list I've read today, mostly because it's so unique! I don't know ANY avid readers who like spoilers and read the ends of books first. Those are cardinal sins in my book, but I have to admit to eating while I read. Reading is banned during our family dinners, but when I'm eating by myself, I always read.

  10. Love your list! I get all of the books I read from the library and I am pretty careful with them, but my kids are another story, ugh! They have two lost books right now that are wracking up fines and I can't find the darn things. And I just paid off a $30 fine for a DVD my son cracked, getting it out of the case-of course it was a special edition one blah blah, so I had to pay to replace that version, instead of the cheaper $15 one :/ But, I check out hundreds of books every year for free, so I really can't complain!

  11. I'm with you on the spoilers thing, I sometimes have to read ahead if I start getting anxious, then go back once I know how things turn out! Number 5 was the story of my life when I was at uni, I did a module on Thomas Hardy and just watched the film adaptations instead of reading the books! Great list :)

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  12. So glad you also prefer to see the movie first. Most book lovers think I'm nuts when I say that!

  13. These are the best confessions ever. I couldn't handle doing most of the things you confess myself...my OCD would totally take over, but good for you for loving your books to near death. The only downside to your confessions? How could you not like Jane Eyre? Ach. That's one of my favorite books. I admit, it's a little hard to read and get into at first, but then it totally gets worth it. (For me anyway...I won't hold it against you.)

    Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

  14. I just totally laughed out loud at your bathtub comment - how funny!!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction