Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Top Ten Tuesdays: TV Shows I Want to Start Watching

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See here's the problem, I just don't watch much TV anymore. I don't know why but my attention span just has such a hard time focusing on TV shows these days. Even when I do find one I like and want to watch, it takes forever for me to finish them. I don't binge them. Plus just like the fact that there are so many books and so little time, there are so many TV shows. 

Netflix Originals

1. Stranger Things
I mean this I may not watch. Everyone is all about it lately and I want to get into it but the thing is, I don't like horror and I have an irrational fear of aliens (and ET) and people have been giving me very conflicting information about whether or not this is "safe" for me to watch.

2.) The Get Down
This just came out recently and it looks totally fantastic and right up my alley. I love historical kind of stuff like this, plus singing, and like a gritty city setting. I need to watch this.

3.) Peaky Blinders
See above. I mean I have heard nothing but good things about this show from people and I still haven't take then time to watch it. I need to, I really do but I'm not sure I really ever will.

4.) Making of a Murderer
Most of you probably know that I love mysteries. I'm a fan of true crime kind of stuff too and this documentary style sounds fascinating. My best friend was super insistent that I needed to watch this back when it came out and yet I never did.

3.) Jessica Jones
I watched Daredevil and liked it, although it was super dark and way too gritty so I haven't watched season two. But I like that the Netflix Marvel shows are darker. I've heard good things about this one and I really want to watch it but haven't been in the mood.

Frankly All the Superhero Shows

6.) Arrow
One of my best friends loves Arrow. She's been watching from the beginning and I want to watch but at this point there is just a lot of seasons and I'm not sure I really want to commit to them all. Can I just start watching now and still understand it?

7.) The Flash
The Flash I considered watching when it first started but somehow I was convinced I should start watching Arrow first and you know, all the seasons. But I may actually start this without watching Arrow. It's a different show, right?

7.) Supergirl
I love female superheroes and we definitely need more of them on television. I really wanted to start watching this one. And now that it was moved to The CW I feel even more invested in watching it so that it doesn't disappear because women don't watch these kinds of things. (STUPID!)

Everyone in the Universe Watches this Except Me

9.) Breaking Bad
I know, I know. I shouldn't even admit that I never watched Breaking Bad. Everyone and their mother loves this show and I still haven't started it. I kept saying I was waiting for it all to be over but that happened and I still haven't watched. Don't shun me!

10.) The Walking Dead
Here's the thing about Walking Dead, I don't like horror. Gore I'm okay with but when they jump out at you I am not a fan. But I know what happens in the show because twitter and friends so at this point I should just watch it.

There you have it, the ten TV shows I have not started watching even though I want to. Don't judge me too harshly. Can we still be friends because I haven't watched Stranger Things and Breaking Bad? What shows should I prioritize? What shows have you not started despite everyone telling you they are fantastic? Leave me a comment with your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY WATCHING!


  1. Cassi, I was torn about Stranger Things as well because I thought it was going to be scary. I didn't think it was scary at all, and it's not about aliens. It's about supernatural mind powers and parallel dimensions. Maybe that helps?

    We just finished the series last night, and I loved it! It has an 80s feel - and it takes place in 1983. It's so well done. It feels kind of like watching an 80s cult classic that is a little twisted. And in the opening scene they're playing D&D. I loved that!

  2. I also want to start watching Stranger Things, Jessica Jones, and Breaking Bad. I've heard nothing but great things about them! :D My Top Ten Tuesday!

  3. I also want to watch Stranger Things and Making a Murderer! They've been on my to-watch list for a while now. I really like Supergirl and The Flash, I'd highly recommend them. Arrow too, although I am so far behind on that one I feel like I can't really say anything about how good the latest seasons are.

  4. LOVE and totally agree re: MaM. We also loved the first two seasons of Peaky Blinders but the last season was not good and we didn't make it past two episodes

  5. Making a Murderer is SO good! I was kind of scared to start it but I was totally pulled in by the end of the first episode. I haven't watched Stranger Things either, but EVERYONE is raving about it! I did start Breaking Bad not too long ago. I binged the first three seasons but I got really bored and I don't know if I'll finish it. Great list!

    Here are my Top Ten

  6. Nice! Honestly haven't watched any of these! LOL! I don't have Netflix sadly, else I'd be watching Stranger Things!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  7. Yes, Peaky Blinders is amazing! I can't wait to watch series 2!

    Check out my TTT.

  8. I was ridiculously happy when they announced Stranger Things season 2. It's one of my newest obsessions. Eleven kicks butt!

  9. I tried PEAKY BLINDERS because I love Cillian Murphy but unfortunately thought it was very boring :-( Then I heard that Tom Hardy is in Season 2 and want to give it another chance :D I haven't watched STRANGER THINGS yet, but heard so many good things about it. Probably worth a try :)

    I just started watching BREAKING BAD after I loved the first 2 Seasons of BETTER CALL SAUL. Took some time to get into it, but now I like it as well!

    THE WALKING DEAD... very frustrating. I love the setting and the first couple of seasons were awesome! The latest ones I didn't like so much any more. I am honestly only watching now so I can look at Daryl. If he's gone, I am gone ;-)

  10. Stranger Things, Making A Murderer, Jessica Jones, Arrow, The Flash, Breaking Bad, and TWD are all fantastic!!!!