Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday- Reading Wishlist

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Why  was this so hard for me? I just want authors to write things and then I'll decide if I want to read it. I don't want to tell them what to write! That's too bossy! But I forced myself to sit down and think about all the things I complain about when I read or ideas I've actually had for books and when I started thinking the ideas kept flowing.

Things About Books

1.) Books in a Series That Don't End on a Cliffhanger. 
I get it, you want to set up the next book and keep the readers interest, but if you write a good story that can stand on it's own with characters I'm invested in I will want to read the next book. (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants did this very well).

2.) Fantasy Books with Unique Magical Systems
It's always I can do spells or I have control over the elements. Don't get me wrong, that stuffs cool, but I want the magical system to wow me!

3.) YA Books with Believable Romances
None of this insta-love, I just met you and you're my soulmate crap! Also none of the predictable rom-com formula either. I want to read a romance where the relationship grows over time. Maybe that sounds boring but it's not something that you get often (Fangirl did this well)

4.) A Typically Secondary Character Becoming the Narrator
I usually like the comic-relief character or the sidekick type so much better than the main characters. I want those people to get more love. I recently had this idea about a book told from the perspective of a superhero sidekick. I also would love to see a retelling of a classic story told from the perspective of a secondary character. Pride and Prejudice from Mrs. Bennett's perspective. 

Books to be Written 

5.) More Villain/Anti-Hero Stories
I always find villains fascinating. I love getting into their psyche and understanding why they are doing what they are doing. It's particularly fun when you can understand and empathize with a character you imagined to be a villain it's makes you question the idea of right and wrong. (Wicked did this really well)

6.) More Young Adult Mysteries That Don't Have Predictable Solutions
I want some YA "true-crime" novels, YA Historical Mysteries, and YA romantic mysteries but the endings and solutions shouldn't be dumbed down. That last statement is just me being a contrary. I can't even really think of any YA mysteries, at least none where the mystery is the focus. No One Else Can Have You is the only one that comes to mind and it has really mixed reviews. Basically I want more!

7.) A Book About the Origins of a Historic Home
So I'm kind of odd and every time I'm in an interesting old house I think "what was it like when it was first build? What was this room used for? Who were the original owners?" I want a book where someone buys an old house and as they are restoring it the house comes alive in their imagination, and hey maybe there's a mystery too!

8.) Historical Fiction Set During the American Revolution
This is one of my favorite periods of history and there are so many interesting things that you can do during this period. There are a few decent MG stuff but I want some good YA and Adult fiction set in this period.    

9.) Historical Fiction Set in Pioneer Times
This to me would be so interesting. It's such an interesting period in history and all the trials and tribulations would lead to some really exciting action and adventure. Again there is some good MG set in this period but I want some YA and Adult books. I actually have an idea formulating on this  and may write it for next years NaNoWriMo.

10.) George R.R. Martin to Finish the A Song of Ice and Fire Series
 So I just finished the most recent book in the series A Dance with Dragons and I have to know how it all ends. GRRM tends to write a lot more than he expected when he starts writing and I'm afraid that the series is going to become too many books. Don't let this turn into the Wheel of Time series (which I have never read because there are way too many books and it intimidates the crap out of me). My friend thinks he's is just going to let the show finish the series for him. And to that I say... DON'T YOU DARE! 

What's on your reading wishlist? Leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY READING!


  1. Hahaha! Your #10 was a great note to end this list on!

    I would like to see more fiction from revolutionary times. I do rather enjoy pioneer fiction as well.

  2. OOoh nice! I'm all for the romance that takes time to build! Be it YA or adult. Or even NA! Although sometimes, and I do really mean some times I can get the insta romance. Especially if the characters have known each other for years (as we get told) and then suddenly the book starts and by chapter three they're in love.

    Still an eyeroll at times, but I can better accept it!

    Here's my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. I am also a raging fan of the secondary charcter/ sidekick--so yes to your request for more love in their direction!

    I also like your point about fantasy with unique magical systems. Have you read Cat Hellisen's YA When the Sea is Rising Red? It has a fantastic, unique fantasy setting--and the sequel, House of Sand and Secrets, is even better than the first book. You should try them out--they are really out of the box and original:)

  4. I want more books with villains as the main characters too!

  5. Amen to #10!!! Garth Nix writes interesting magic systems. I am currently reading Sabriel, about a necromancer. I also love Holly Black's Cruse Worker series! Totally hate cliffhangers and insta-love! Great list, thanks for sharing. ~Megan

  6. 2. I know that you've heard of Brandon Sanderson. His books have great and unique magical systems. I've Just read Final Empire and The Way of Kings and gods, Sanderson really knows how to craft a new magical system.

    3. You can try These Broken Stars by Spooner and Kauffman. One of the best romance books I've ever read. :D

    5. I know, right? So far, I've only read two series that have a great focus towards anti-heroes. One is Artemis Fowl (an middle grade book) and second, Shatter Me (YA). I am currently eyeing Mark Lawrence's Prince of Thorns. I've heard a lot of good things about it and the protagonist is a full blooded anti-hero.

    6.I have zero ideas for this one. Hahahaha.

    10. I've just finished A Game Of Thrones last week. And although I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected I would be, I was still entertained. I so agree, Martin needs to write faster and he has to stick with the seven books. I've heard that the 5th book is adrift with fillers.

  7. Instalove doesn't sit well with me either. There is something creepy about two people being so needy.