Monday, November 16, 2015

The Shelfie Hop and Giveaway

Hi Everyone,
I'm taking part in the Shelfie Hop hosted by Crystal of Bookiemoji and Kristen of My Friends are Fiction. I think this is such and amazing idea. I love seeing other people's shelves and seeing how they organize their books. Everyone does things a little bit different and I love seeing the way everyone organizes their shelves. Here's how I organize mine.

My Adult Shelf:

My main shelf is my "adult books." I used to not read a lot of YA. In fact that was one of the results of the things that happened when I started blogging, I learned about so many YA books I wanted to read and now I read mostly those. But I still have a ton of non-YAreads. This shelf I organize by size. The very top shelf has a few coffee table books, some family photos, figurines, and the cat toys I am trying to keep away from my cat.

Then next shelf is my mass market paperbacks. These are mostly fantasies and classics but some of my favorite books live here. Because my A Song of Ice and Fire books are on this shelf, so is my Sansa Funko Pop and my Winterfell candle. There are also a few other random things like my bookworm.

The next shelf is standard paperbacks. This shelf is usually the messiest because I tend to put stuff on hear like my mail and my keys. It is also where my bookmarks live. And my Pittsburgh Pirates stuff. Trying to rep the home team, you know how that goes.

After that is some larger paperbacks. On this third shelf I also always stack my TBR for that month. I'm so busy this month that my TBR isn't huge but sometimes it gets all the way to the top of the other shelf.

The fourth shelf is my hardcovers. I'm a paperback fan, if you couldn't tell, so there aren't many hardcovers. Usually however the hardcovers are books I was really excited about and I can't wait to read them so there are definitely a few favorites here.  This is also where more A Song of Ice and Fire stuff is, like my gorgeous A World of Ice and Fire book and The Ice Dragon.

The final shelf is my ARC shelf. This is double stacked but I'm not going to show you the books in the back because it would be such a hastle to take them out. I picked up almost all of these books at BEA, a few were sent from the publishers and from giveaways. About half of them I haven't read because my first year at BEA I just picked up any book I could. The ones you see however are books from BEA this year and books I have read, mostly. I'm actually kind of proud of the fact that I read 75% of the books I got at BEA this year. I got so many books I was excited about and I read so many more of them than I had last year.

My YA Shelf:

My second shelf is my YA shelf. This one I have organized by genre. The very top has my Harry Potter books which now has the gorgeous illustrated edition of Sorcerer's Stone. Most of the other shelves are double stacked. I really do need a new shelf. When I got this one I should have gotten a tall one like my other shelf but it was much harder to put it together.

The first shelf is my fantasy books which is my kryptonite and the most books I own. If you notice for most of my books I don't have all the same format with my books, except for my YA fantasies. It's like I said before, books I own in hardcover are the ones I can't wait to read. So yeah, I have a lot of fantasy books in hardcover. In front of the the fantasy is my historical fantasy books.

The middle shelf is my Science Fiction shelf. It's mostly dystopia but there is some hard sci-fi. And because of that, I have my Lunar Chronicles books which used to be here because they are science fiction but then I decided to add the rest of my retellings which you will see in front. This shelf is also a good place to point that I typically don't have many matching series. Typically the first book in the series is a paperback and the last book is a hardcover. The middle book can be either. For example,Never Fade is a paperback and Catching Fire is a hardcover.

The botom shelf is a bit eclectic. It has mostly contemporary with mysteries in the the front and I gues you could say romances behind that. The right side has historical fiction in the back and what I like to think of as supernatural books in the front. That pile is also a little but of, "it doesn't fit anywhere else" books.

Now, tell me about your shelves. How do you organize them? Do you do it by size? By color? Alphabetical order? Tell me about it in the comment section. And to celebrate the hop I am giving away a book I have two copies of. I don't really have many duplicates. I am on a book buying ban and one of the things that is part of it is not buying books I have already read. So I want to share the love. Plus, in a few weeks the final book in this series comes out and I can't wait for this book because the first two were amazing!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All right, friends. That's all I have for you today. But be sure to check out Crystal of Bookiemoji and Kristen of My Friends are Fiction for the full list of blogs taking part in The Shelfie Hop. Thanks for hopping by and HAPPY READING!


  1. Wow. That's a lot of books! I am not really a collector of actual books. I use the library a lot and when I buy books, they're usually Kindle versions. I only have 2 shelves of books (not bookshelves, just 2 shelves on one bookshelf). I have then arranged by author and by size, so they look nice. :)

  2. I love how you can organize by specific genres! I do mine by hardcover, paperback, series and standalones which is not much of a system lol...

  3. OMG You have some Willow Tree figurines too!! I am so obsessed with those. ill be back in bit to browse your books but i love the little accents!

  4. I love your shelves! I don't think I'll organize my books alphabetical either, and I really like that you organize by YA and adult, and a separate shelf for ARCs!

  5. I love have you have an adult bookcase and a YA one! I just stick books where I can fit them but I try to organize them by author and by genre. :)

  6. Thanks for the giveaway! I organize my shelf by genre and author. ;)

  7. They're organized by size! Smaller ones on top, bigger ones on bottom. They're stacked on top of one another.

  8. I love your shelves! I wouldn't be able to show mine because they are too crazy lol! All the shelves are so overfilled and saggy haha.

  9. Most of my pre-blogging books are packed away because we were supposed to move and then didn't because my son changed his major and it requires an extra year of undergraduate school, so money is still tight. My shelf is pretty simple. I have review copies I received of non literature books on the bottom shelf like instructional books and health and wellness. Next shelf up is read Children's and MG, next read YA and adult. Then the top shelf is not yet read everything, and the top of the bookshelf has a stack of giveaway/trade books, a stack of my Septimus Heap hardcover collection, and stack of books to be mailed out. I am trying not to have to buy another shelf by requesting eARCs and buying ebooks. Ha ha! I too was reading mostly Adult before blogging. The only YA I read (unknowingly) before that time were books my son was reading for school. Why are you trying yo keep the cat toys away from your cat? Ha ha. 😄

  10. I love that you have a shelf for adult fiction too. I really should organize my shelves. I love your collections and how you have your bookcases decorated. Thank you for sharing pics!

  11. As of right now my bookshelf is in no way organized! opps...

  12. I love your collections, especially YA! I currently don't organize my bookshelf; I just put books where ever there is space!

  13. I organize my bookshelf(s) by author's last name and if I have more than one by each author (which I totally do lol) I organize those by series and book title :)!

  14. I organize them by genre and then by author's last name! Love your bookshelfs!! :)