Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Audiobooks

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Did you know that June is Audiobook month? It is. If you are a longtime follower of My Thoughts Literally you know that I love me a good audiobook. I have a few other audiobook related topics planned for the month but for now, I had to talk about exactly why I love audiobooks based on this week's prompt.

1.) I'm an auditory learner

I used to volunteer at school and in training they always talk about how people are auditory, visual, or kinistics learners. I am auditory, I learn best by listening. A lot of people are like "I can't comprehend anything if I listen to audiobooks" but I'm the opposite. I learn best by listening so if I heard it, it's in my brain. Audiobooks therefore are perfect for me.

2.) I'm a slow reader, but a fast listener.
I am not a fast reader, I never have been but I can finish a book way quicker if I listen. I've actually tested it and the narration is faster than reading. Plus you can speed up audiobooks which I usually do.

Me listening to The Raven
King audiobook, at work,
3.) You can listen anywhere and while doing anything.

I started listening to audiobooks on long trips because you can't read and drive. Then I started listening to them at work. And while I did stuff around the house. It's easy to find time to read when you just need to put in headphones.

4.) It sets the tone for the book.
Not that you can't get this with the words but I think the atmosphere of the book is much more obvious in audio. You get the humor, darkness, or suspense from it based on what the narrator is putting out there. Especially if the author is narrating.

5.) There's emotion behind the words.
Speaking of narrators, audiobooks really reflect the emotion of the book, it's one of the things that helps set the tone. Whether it's humor, anger, sadness, or pain you can feel that from a good narrator. I can't count how many times I got a case of the feels because of the emotions the narrator was putting out there.

An immersive audio with multiple
narrators I just listened to.
6.) It immerses you in the world.

All of this helps you fall into the world, especially when it comes to fantasies. A really good narrator can make you perfectly visualize the setting of the book and what is happening so much that you forget your surroundings.

7.) Helps differentiate between characters.
I read a lot of books with multiple perspectives. It's always really challenging to keep them straight when you're reading. Not with audiobooks. This is one of the reasons I love full casts because they are literally different people. But even if it's one person they'll change their voice enough so that you'll know. It's very helpful.

8.) Great way to do rereads.
I don't like to reread physical books. If I'm taking the time to read something I want it to be something new. There are too many books to read. But with audio it gives me the opportunity to reread.

9.) Audible Sales
I mean, I love and hate this at the same time. But seriously, Audible is such an enabler. Like every other week I get an email from them telling me about some sale or another. Plus if you have the Kindle version you can often get the audio for a deep discount. It's great!

That's it, most of the reasons I love audiobooks. Do you like audiobooks? What do you like so much about them? Leave me a comment with your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY READING!


  1. Yes!! I love audiobooks so much and you hit on so many of the reasons!! Great list!

  2. Great list!! I love audiobooks and they make up at least half of what I read! Audible is so expensive though! Luckily, my library has a great selection. ;)

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  3. Great list! I am a visual learner, but I still love audiobooks. They allow me to get in an extra book or two per month between my driving and doing chores around the house. I agree about the emotion and the tone-setting. Audio is so helpful for that. And re-reads are definitely better on audio.

  4. OOoh nice!! I find that I am not an audiobook person. I guess it somehow comes from sitting in all those classes over the years and my mind zoning out. Even if it's something I want to hear. My brain just goes to other places if I am not doing something. I totally zone out when I listen to music in the car, so an audiobook wouldn't be right for me. Though I still think they are totally awesome! If that makes sense! ;P

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    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. You and Nikki have totally made me give audiobooks a chance and now I'm a recent convert! So love listening to a book while I cannot read because I'm cleaning, cooking or have my eyes otherwise engaged!

  6. Omg I 100% relate to this! YES AND YES TO ALL YOUR POINTS. I am an auditory learner too, like sometimes I completely don't understand a book if I read it to myself, but then if I listen to the audio? It becomes my favourite book ever. *flails around audiobooks* And I LOVE the multi-tasking factor. You can get so much reading done while like exercising or doing mindless jobs or pretending to sleep because insomnia. XD haha. Ahem. Anyway! There is no downside to audiobooks! (Except the price, erk, but at least audible is a little nicer for that!!)
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  7. I love finding an audiobook with a great production and a narrator with a great voice! :)

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